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Texas Hold’em Poker for Real Money and Bitcoin

Chicken Bangkok is still a choice of hearts for fighting cock lovers, to produce and have a champion chicken. So it’s not surprising to be patient to take care of her from childhood to become a deadly chicken and the chicken is the champion of course. All patience caring for chickens from small is very good indeed and will be more obedient and recognize the owner appropriately.

And when it has grown from the results of education from small to large, it will produce a champion chicken for you from the patience you have while maintaining and caring for the chicken. Here are some ways to treat your Bangkok chicken by:

How to Care for Good and True Bangkok Chicken

1. Chicken Seed Care Bangkok

Initial treatment is believed for newly hatched chickens, from the newly hatched Bangkok chicken seeds. It’s good to put in a cage in the shape of a box and equipped with lights that will keep the temperature in the enclosure box. In giving the lights to the Bangkok chicken seedlings, they usually use a small lamp that has a small wattage and there is food in the cage box along with the drink.

2. Care for 3-month-old chickens

At this age the chickens can already be moved to a larger cage, in the next treatment of this 3-month-old ayan. Cages must be kept clean and do not forget to give food to the chicken.

3. Care for Chickens Over the Age of 3 Months

After the chicken has stepped on the age of 3 months, now the chicks will be given food that is food in the form of a large sized voer like voer 594 mixed with white rice. Of course for food voer has a variety of different types, and then give milk to chicken. you can visit this site for more knowledge poker online.

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