PIFRA Pay Slip Guide

PIFRA suggests that “Project to boost monetary reportage and Auditing”. PIFRA pay slip is that the easiest method to urge earnings slip online. Currently the govt. of Pakistan has reduced the efforts for his or her staff. The govt. has created its way simple to urge all of your earnings statement right in your email box. Isn’t it great?

Now all staff, government academics, doctors, postman, high-level officers, junior officers, clerks, and whoever is functioning for the govt., will get their earnings to slip on-line with the assistance of PIFRA pay slip.

PIFRA Registration

Being registered with PIFRA, not rocket science. All you would like is a web association, AN email address and a tool through you’ll register with PIFRA. I will be able to guide through A to Z for PIFRA registration. Therefore don’t have to worry if you’re willing to try and does PIFRA online payslip registration.

Follow the footprints:

  1. Initial of all, you would like to travel to PIFRA’s official government issued web site that is given below.


  1. Once you have got landed on the web site, it’ll send to a replacement web site that is additionally given below


  1. PIFRA is currently stirred to a replacement name, that is given higher than.
  2. Currently, you on the official web site, click on “Services” on the detected bar of the web site.
  3. You may any see a lot of choices once you hit the Services possibility. Currently, choose the “Online earnings Slip/Pension Slip”.
  4. Once you hit the earnings slip possibility, you may send to PIFRA pay slippage.
  5. Currently, here you would like to produce a number of your data further.
  6. Belongings you got to place there are:
  • Government Code
  • Staff personal variety
  • Staff CNIC variety
  • Staff dates of birth
  • Cellular phone variety
  1. When submitting all data, click on verify.
  2. Once you have got verification, you may be redirected to World Wide Web page.
  3. On this page, you may get a confirmation for your online earnings slip.

Get earnings Slip on-line

Congratulations! You have got currently with success completed the PIFRA registration type. Currently, you may get your earnings to assume every of the month, right in your email box.

Online earnings Slip

If you’re still not receiving your online earnings slip, you would like to form certain you have got provided a legitimate email address or not. If you have got submitted AN invalid email address, then your earnings slip won’t arrive. You would like to form a contact with PIFRA pay slip department for the correction of your email address.

So always, be acutely aware once you are submitting your email address for online earnings slip.

PIFRA Pay Slip — a way to Contact?

For PIFRA pay slip issues, you would like to try and do an on the spot contact with PIFRA client service. You’ll contact PIFRA over the phone or via email address.

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