Jazz Wedding Music, Perfect For Every Wedding Day Event

Whether a bride wants to walk down the aisle to a touching melody or dance to a swinging tune, jazz musicians can deliver both and more.

“Jazz musicians are unique because they can adapt jazz music to every wedding ceremony, wedding reception, cocktail hour, luncheon, dinner and more,” Chandler Judkins, owner of Recoil Wedding Band in Ireland, said. “This also saves money for couples because they can use the same band throughout the day so they don’t have to hire other musicians for different aspects such as a string quartet for the ceremony. The jazz musicians can do the wedding ceremony too.”

Ireland Wedding Music is the number one music contracting company in Ireland and their jazz music package is one of their least expensive.

Wedding Music


String quartets are the number one requested music group for weddings and especially wedding ceremonies, according to Judkins. However, Judkins believes that a jazz quartet can perform just as beautifully for a wedding ceremony and can add an extra dimension because of the variety of instruments to choose from.

“A string quartet will have the same instruments forever, two violins, a viola and a cello,” Judkins said. “But jazz quartets can be varied with a trumpet or a saxophone or even a flute or clarinet.”


Jazz bands can have as little as three musicians and go up to a 17 piece big band.

No matter the size though, jazz bands can be flexible to what a bride and groom want for the reception music and their first dance whether it be swing music or a romantic song.

“Ireland Wedding Music makes a point to publish a song list on our Web site so couples can see the wide variety that our wedding musicians can play,” Judkins said. “If a couple requests a song, that is never a problem as long as we know ahead of time.”

Judkins went on to say, “It’s harder for string quartets and other music combinations to play such a variety. Requests are harder to accept, and dance music is harder to come by.”

Cocktail Hour

Another feature of a jazz band or jazz quartet is that a singer can be added easily and usually at a minimal cost.

“Ireland Wedding Music has singers on hand at all times ready to be added to any jazz band, big or small,” Judkins said. “Our wedding singers are the best in Ireland too.”

Luncheons or Dinners

Jazz musicians are amazing featured performers, but they are also amazing in the background. When playing for wedding luncheons or dinners, Ireland Wedding Music’s jazz musicians play loud enough to be heard but soft enough so that conversation can continue without straining.

“Any horns have mutes on them and all Ireland Wedding Music’s musicians have experience in playing softly, but with quality,” Judkins said.

No matter your wedding event, whether it be a wedding ceremony, wedding reception, cocktail hour, luncheon or dinner, jazz music is no doubt an amazing choice for brides and grooms.

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