Five basic things that every man needs to have in their closet

At the risk of sounding pedantic, it is safe to declare that your closet almost defines the kind of person you are. Or to be more specific, it defines your personality. Irrespective of what the current trend is, there are a few items, clothing and accessories that are a must haves in your closet. If you have these basic things, you can comfortably dress yourself up well for any occasion without worrying much about what to wear. Here is our curated list of top 5 closet essentials for men.

A basic black tee
Goes with any colour trousers? Check. Goes with chinos? Check. Goes with denim? Check. You can adorn a basic black t-shirt with anything. It’s comfortable, it’s light, and it is all-season clothing. What’s more, you can pick your favourite black tee using Sivvi coupon code and get an exciting discount on your purchase.

It is almost imperative that you need to have that one pair of denim that you can wear everywhere and with everything. Blue denim are timeless classics, and it is comfortable, and like a basic black tee, you can wear it during any time of the year.

A pair of shorts
A pair of shorts is like a basic essential which you need to have in your closet. You can wear it to bed and wear around your house. You can also sport your colourful shorts while on vacation. Shorts are comfort clothing, and you can wear them absolutely without being self-conscious. Shorts come in block colours as well as bright patterns; you can choose them according to your liking.

Sneakers for the road
When it comes to shoes which you can trust on any day and wear with any piece of clothing, nothing comes close to a pair of basic sneakers. They are comfortable, convenient and they work best on uneven terrains which is a great plus. They look cool and are trendy. They are easy to clean, and they don’t need rigorous maintenance which seals the deal.

A basic brown leather watch
A watch is as indispensable as it can get. Something like the Tommy Hilfiger dark brown leather strap watch which is trendy as well as light on the wrist is one thing you should have in your closet. You can carry it off with almost anything you’re wearing, and that makes choosing your accessories before you go out really easy. You can avail this essential item for yourself using Sivvi coupons and save big on your purchase.

So, there you go! You have the five basic things which you must consider keeping in your closet. Good luck with your purchase.

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