Essay Writing Tips for Different Types of Essays

There are different types of cheap essay writing and each is supposed to follow a unique style and format. The process of coming up with a good essay is not an easy task and while this is the case, there are essay writing tips which might come in handy. Consider the following different types and the writing tips before you start working on your essays.


This is the most common type of writing in many in many schools and you have to describe a couple of things such as What, When, How, What and Where. All these questions have to be answered and they are always interconnected. Afterwards, you have to write details that make sense to the reader. For this type, consider the following.

Follow a simple format.

Ensure that there is clarity of all the words used.

Do not use words that you are not familiar with no matter how appealing they might sound.

Always from sure that you write straight from the heart and your essay will be perfect.

Persuasive/Augmentative Essay

In this type, you have to rely on your opinion and write your essay in a manner that is persuasive. Once through, you must come to a conclusion. To pull this off, consider the following writing essay tips.

The conclusion should be well researched in order to ensure that the essay delivers the desired effect.

This type of essay should not be based on random opinions but rather, on sound facts.

Provide two or three evidence points that make the essay appeal more to the reader and appear factual.

Compare and Contrast

In this type, you talk about different things and from there seek to point out the similarities and contrast. This must be done thoroughly for it to bear weight. There is one important tip to remember and that is picking out the similarities and explaining the difference by providing evidence.


Here, you have to tell a story or reflect on something using the readers view point. You have to use several ideas and at the same time, tell your readers a cohesive story. In this regard, you must be willing to use personal experience to tell the story to your readers.

While there are different guidelines which need to be followed, it is ideal to note that there are specific tips which work well on all platforms. This includes adhering to proper sentence structures and keeping your work comprehensive. Through use of writing an essay tips, it becomes considerably easy for you to achieve all these.

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