Choose the Right Coat In 4 Steps!

A coat is the best investment a woman can do for her wardrobe. By spending time to find the perfect coat, you have to think about how convenient it will be, but also which one suits you perfectly based on your body style. For example, long, fur coatsup to the ankle can be nice in appearance, but it is not convenient to put it on and drive.

Step 1.  Think of what type of coat charms your silhouette.

Bodybuilding Body:  If you belong to this category you will need to buy a coat that will highlight your strengths. Open it down and have a nice tight waist in your waist to highlight its delicacy.

Body pear: Choose a coat in a straight line and with a large collar. This will pull your eyes on your shoulders and help to balance the lower part of your body that is also the problem.

Body apple:  Try to avoid those cuts that will accentuate the points of your body that do not flatter you at all. Select coat on line A that will not pull your eyes on your belly.

Microbe body type:  Just because you are petty to pick pussy that does not fully cover you. The length reaches the height of the thighs and stay away from plumbed and full coat designs. Choose bright colors.

Big Breasts: For those in this category, choose a V-shaped coat in front to give you a balance in front and do not want to look.

Big Hips:  Select asymmetric cuts because they are designed to surround the body. They cover in the best possible way the larger parts of your body.

Whispering Body Ballerina: If you belong to this category you are the ideal person for a tight coat. Choose a funnel-shaped coat to emphasize your silhouette.

Step Two. How much money to spend?

Buy the best coat that your pocket raises, wear it every day for the next 3 months, so if you spend more and you will definitely pay off. Choose a whimsical or mix of wool with cashmere.

Step 3. What is the right color?

You may like the various colorful and full-blown coats that are commercially available, but keep in mind that once you invest in something and spend some money, it is advisable to choose timeless colors such as black, brown, navy blue or cream. If you can, buy two coats to swap, one in dark shade and one lighter. Use dark for your day-to-day activities and light for more special occasions. It is very elegant a white coat with a special belt in the middle and a nice dress from within a night out.

Step Four. Classic or more fashionable?

If you intend to wear your coat for more than one season, then avoid something that will be in fashion with the period you buy it. Choose a classic solution where you can remove the collar that is usually made of fur or you can use different sleeves on the sleeves. This way you can have many alternatives to your look and it will be quite cost effective than ever changing your coat every year.

Finally, be very careful with the investment you have just made and will last for years. Dry clean at regular intervals and always hang it on a wooden coat hanger specifically for a coat rather than a hook behind the door. It will lose its form and it will turn out to be chaotic on you.

Extras 1:   Think what you wear under your coat and how often you wear it. On trips? On a daily basis at work? Choose a coat up to the waist, because it fits with all the clothes, from skirt to jeans pants.

  1. Keep in mind that there should be space in the sleeves, because you can put a jeans jacket inside. I find it pretty to have the sleeves pulled out of the coat and from inside to look at the narrow jeans in your hand.
  2. You should also be careful to be comfortable when lifting your hands and not cutting your shoulders. Also, the chest buttons do not push you.


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