Audi Repair and Service Center in Dubai

Audi is a German manufacturer which has a solid reputation for creating luxury cars that combine performance with style. Audi makes passenger cars and SUVs which combined with models from Mercedes and BMW will be the very best vehicles in this section. When you want Audi support in Dubai, then you need to take your car to a garage staffed by technicians that you can rely on to provide the best possible care for your vehicle. Audi provides a vast selection of versions to suit all tastes of motorists and to acquire great Audi service dubai, you need access to your garage staffed by technicians that are conversant with the engine and model types.

Vehicles belonging to this class have exceptionally precise engineering and components which require the greatest levels of care in regards to both preventive maintenance and repairs. Audi is a brand that’s famous for its heritage in motorsports and has derived its advanced technologies such as the well-known Quattro system out of its expertise on the track. From an environmental perspective, both Audi’s petrol and diesel engines are famous for being highly fuel-efficient.

Audi cars are famous for their strength and performance and they provide virtually every motor in each body type. The combination of both Quattro and modern technologies like the MMI infotainment system supply Audi owners who have hours of driving pleasure in Dubai. All versions from Audi such as the Q7, A4 and A8 are highly tech oriented. For getting great Audi support in Dubai, you need highly skilled technicians who are aware of what they are doing and are up to date on the most recent engine technologies.

Audi models are known for some of the best interiors and these interiors need specialists in interior care in Dubai like Orange Auto. You have to safeguard the insides from the extremes of climate in Dubai with good quality tinting services like the 3M tinting provided at Orange Auto. Offroad driving is a popular pastime in Dubai and going offroad using Audi vehicles is not a problem whatsoever supplied proper Audi support in Dubai is carried out at a trusted garage.


AUDI Vehicle maintenance scheduled at each 15000 KMS


15,000 kms Standard Maintenance Service

30,000 kms Major Maintenance Service with additional Products

45,000 kms Standard Maintenance Service

60,000 kms Important Maintenance Service with additional Products

75,000 kms Standard Maintenance Service

90,000 kms Important Maintenance Service with added Products

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