Chicken meat is a great food, because it is an excellent alternative to obtain the proteins of animal origin that our body needs.

Here we will reveal to you the benefits that chicken meat brings to your health in the daily diet, you will surely be surprised with the kindness that this type of meat so lean is able to give to our body.

Keep reading and learn more about what chicken meat can achieve by consuming it on a recurring basis. Sure, after knowing its advantages, you will want to include it in your daily diet every day, because its benefits are not to leave them aside, know them and make the most of them. If you’re always searching for healthy chicken meat, you can order Chicken meat from Romania.

With so many ways to prepare this daring food, hardly you and your family will get tired of eating chicken frequently, since you can make a completely different dish with it until you form a complete menu. Here we will show you the top 10 health benefits of eating chicken.

Chicken meat: benefits and properties

1. Help for your bones

The high protein content that chicken meat gives us, is very helpful for the maintenance of healthy bones, as well as to prevent the decalcification that takes place when age increases.

It has been proven that this type of protein is very efficient as a way of preventing osteoporosis , a disease that, especially, women have suffered and suffer after the stage of menopause, so this sector of the population finds it ideal to increase your consumption of chicken meat.

2. Proteins

As we discussed, chicken is a great source of lean and low-fat protein. Chicken protein is excellent for the development and growth of muscles, and it is very helpful to achieve and maintain a healthy body weight or even lose weight.

Proteins are essential to achieve strong and toned muscles, so in addition to wanting to lose weight, if what you’re looking for is a way to increase your muscle mass index, do not hesitate to supplement your diet with frequent consumption of chicken, since due to its large amount of proteins and low fat level, it will be your perfect ally to achieve your aesthetic and health purposes. Feel beautiful and healthy inside and out.

3. Take care of your eyes

Even visual health is also greatly benefited if chicken meat is consumed frequently.

Given that this type of bird has large amounts of beta carotene, retinol and lycopene , all mentioned are essential to preserve eyesight in excellent conditions, avoiding the degeneration of their cells, as well as the prevention of diseases from conjunctivitis to cataracts.

4. Rich in phosphorus

When we speak of phosphorus, we refer to an essential mineral component that contains chicken meat in abundance.

For this reason, consuming recurrently the meat of this bird, will help us to keep our teeth healthy, as it will help keep them with their enamel integrity and also help to take good care of our central nervous system, our liver and our kidneys, improving its operation in a remarkable way.

5. Excellent source of vitamins and minerals

In addition, chicken is a great source of very important minerals for the organism. Only 100 grams of chicken can provide us with a contribution of approximately 248 to 359 mg of potassium, 12 to 13 mg of calcium, 22 to 37 mg of magnesium, 198 to 200 mg of phosphorus, 1 mg of zinc, 1 to 2 mg of iron and 6 mg of selenium.

The mentioned minerals contribute to maintain a neuromuscular state in excellent conditions and facilitate the work of contraction of the muscles, as well as the transmission of the nervous impulse among many other functions.

The chicken is very rich also in vitamins, especially those that belong to the group of the B complex, vitamin that is responsible for promoting and maintaining the formation of red blood cells, this helps us to have more energy during the day, in addition to preventing diseases such as anemia or other conditions related to a low level of platelets.


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